Bali Sex Guide

Bali Sex GuideBali Sex Guide. Prostitution is forbidden on Bali, and Balinese women generally do not take part in this business. They consider prostitution a crime against decency and morality. But as usual the public eye turns blind when it is getting dark in the streets of Kuta and Sanur …

Bali Erotic Massage. Lets start with something easy to achieve: a nice erotic massage with happy ending – also known as 21-finger massage or massage plus. Regular massage parlours look clean and in some cases even tell you with a sign at the entrance door: NO SEX. Just look out for some smaller not-so-clean ones. Particularly ask for massage with happy ending, and negotiate the prices before. Otherwise will get ripped off. If the massage ladies wants to charge you US$50 for a hand job, bring it down or insist on a blow jobs for that price.

Bali Sex – Sanur Semawang. The very calm coastal suburb Sanur is actually home of many diplomats, ambassadors and more wealthy people. Still Sanur got a hidden germ: X-biz in homes in Sanur Semawang. To tell which house in Sanur is openminded towards prostitution, you need to check the writing of the house number. House with numbers ending with X (23XXX, 10XX, 4X or anything ending with the letter X), allow its guests to have horizontal fun during their vacation on Bali.

Bali Sex – Hookers. In the greater region of Denpasar you will find what you are looking for in a south-west coast suburb named Kuta. You find whores selling their bodies for a reasonable price between 250.000 – 500.000 Rupiah (approx. US$20 – 40). In Kuta go to Legian Street, Poppies Lane 2, Embargo or Paddy’s Club. The Prostitutes will stand in your way. And forget about f**king a Balinese Woman. The are all imports. None of them born on Bali Island. Normally these hookers will ask for massage to get some kind of communication going.