Getting Around on Bali

Getting Around on Bali is not easy because traffic seems to be just chaotic. Traffic rules are more or less suggestions. Stray dogs and kids make it almost impossible to gain some decent speed. Streets are jammed 24/7. In case you still want to rent a car or a motobike: Make use of the horn. Beeping is not considered rude on Bali. It is necessary to signal that you are coming. Instead of driving yourself your vacation might be less stressful if you stick to taxi and bus rides instead.

Taxi: No doubt, Balis best taxi service is coming from “Blue Bird Taxi” (phone: 0361 / 701 111). Most of Bali’s expats use no other cab company. The blue vehicles with a light on top bearing a stylish bluebird are driven by honest people with proper English knowledge. They charge by meter at all times. “Blue Bird Taxi” also runs a slick mobile app. You can order a cab to your location. But watch out for fakes! Make sure the taxi carries the blue bird on the windscreen an shows the correct phone number.

Scooters: Bali’s most common way to travel from A to B is using a small motobike. There are scooter rentals everywhere. With US$5 per day and some dimes for gas you are in business. Scooters are by far the cheapest way to travel. If you’re using such a motobike for a month, you’re looking at about 500,000 Rupiah = US$50.

getting around Bali

Busses: They is only the Kura-Kura bus system (“Turtle Busses”) available in a few location in Southern Bali. These small green and yellow busses fight their way thru congested roads in Sanur, Kuta, Ubud, Uluwatu and a few other locations. Central stop for the turtle bus network is the DFS Galleria – a small duty-free shopping mall, 20 minutes away from Denpasar International Airport.

kura kura turtle bus Bali

Pattaya Sex Guide

Pattaya Sex GuidePattaya Sex Guide 2015. By law prostitution is actually forbidden in Thailand, and considered a crime against morality. But as anywhere else in the world, Thailands public eye turns blind when it gets dark in the streets of Pattaya. Before we start with our Pattaya Sex Guide, here are some words and phrases you might need to get what you want:

PATTAYA SEX GUIDE DICTIONARYAgogo: table dance clubs with go-go-dancers
♥ Walking Street: Pattaya's main x-biz area
♥ Soi 6: area more suitable for MILF hunters
♥ Soapy massage: very slippery full-body massage
♥ Farang: "Foreign"; that means you tourist
♥ Ping Pong Show: women stuff all kind of weird things into their openings, including living animals
♥ Ladyboys: ladies-with-dongles multiply like a disease in Thailand nowadays. They will attack you like mosquitos.

Pattaya Sex Guide | Erotic Massage

Lets start our Pattaya Sex Guide with something easy to achieve: a nice Pattaya erotic massage with happy ending. There are 1000+ massage parlors in the Pattaya area. Some of them are really nice, but also a bit pricy. Huge glass windows display some 50 or more barely dressed girls, all ready to give you a sex massage. They will shower you in a hot bath tub – preparing for an unhurried luxurious body full body erotic massage. It’s the ultimate body contact. You might have the greatest soapy slippery massage of your life. But negotiate the price beforehand! Compared to average prices for sex in Pattaya, such a soapy massage can be expensive. For a 90-minutes sexual massage you might have to give 2,500 baht. That’s approx. US$75; definitely one of the more expensive forms to have sex in Pattaya, but on the other hand most likely the best for sensual and sexual intimacy. Our preferred location for soapy massages is “Soapy Massage Pattaya”, but since most of these places got a website, you might just google for Sabai Dee,  Soapy’s, Sabai Land, Sabai Room, VIP Massage, Honey Body Massage, Rasputin Soapy Massage.

♥ Soapy Massage Pattaya: 99/1-2 Pattayasaisong Rd, Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Pattaya Sex: Agogo Bars

Pattaya’s Agogo bars will catch the eye of sex tourists first. The smaller ones operate with just 10 to 20 girls, bigger ones fill the tables with 100 to 200. Located in Walking Street, Soi 6, Soi 7 & 8 they invite horny clients for some sexy table dance performances. The girls are hot as hell. You money will end up in their tangas, and if you are not patient until the bar closes down at 3 or 4am, you will also have to bail out the girl to bring her home. A smarter way to a ladies is: coming late and getting the leftover girls after closing, without the need to bribe the bar owner.  Still you should be at least half-way sober when it comes to pay for drinks. Some agogo bars fill the bill with drinks you never got. A-go-go bars – some good locations are listed below:

♥ Alcatraz Agogo at Beach Road (Walking St)
What’s Up Playgirls at Soi 15, (off Walking Street)
Windmill Club Agogo at Soi Diamond Alley (off Walking Street)

Pattaya Agogo Dancers

Pattaya Escorts

Any escort service anywhere is risky, because you pre-pay for a service that might not be the one you where actually looking for. Just by seeing some photos in the internet, how can you make sure that you will not be turned off when finally facing the escort lady face-to-face?  For those of you still willing to give it a try, here are some link recommendations by our “Pattaya Sex Guide” :

♥  Devils Den Pattaya
♥  111 Escorts Pattaya
♥  Escorts Pattaya 1

Bali Sex Guide

Bali Sex GuideBali Sex Guide 2015. Prostitution is forbidden on Bali, and Balinese women generally do not take part in this business anyway. They consider prostitution a crime against decency and morality. But as anywhere else the public eye turns blind when it gets dark in the streets of Kuta and Sanur. Before we start our Bali Sex Guide lets learn some helpful words, locations and phrases:

BALI SEX GUIDE DICTIONARYjiggy jig: locale phrase for sex (very helful)
♥ Sky Garden: Kuta's biggest Trance Club
♥ Ladyboys: not as plenty as in Thailand, still a very annoying crowd
♥ kayun: Balinese word for "love"

Bali Sex Guide | Erotic Massage

Lets start our Bali Sex Guide with something easy to achieve: a nice Bali erotic massage with happy ending – also known as 21-finger massage or massage plus. Regular massage parlours look clean and in some cases even tell you with a sign at the entrance door: NO SEX. Just look out for some smaller not-so-clean ones. Particularly ask for massage with happy ending, and negotiate the prices upfront. Otherwise will get ripped off. If the massage ladies wants to charge you US$50 for a hand job, bring it down or insist on a blow jobs for that price.  A good example for a Massage Plus Salon might be this one:

♥ Salon Mawar in Kuta, from 10am to 10pm, at Bay Pass Ngurah Rai 99X, Simpang Siur, Kuta (near Jalan Setiabudi). Price for an erotic massages with happy ending: 500,000-1000,000 Rupiah (= approx. $40 to $80, depending on the service and negotiation)

Bali Sex – Sanur Semawang

The very calm coastal suburb Sanur is actually home of many diplomats, consuls, ambassadors and any kind of wealthy people. Still Sanur got a hidden germ: “X-biz at home” especially in Sanur Semawang. To tell which house in Sanur is openminded towards prostitution, you need to check the writing of the house number. A huse with a number ending with X (23XXX, 10XX, 4X or anything ending with the letter X), allows its guests to have horizontal fun during their vacation on Bali. Some examples:

♥ 18X in Sanur, Jalan Danau Poso (Behind Circle K) -8.70542,115.254564

♥ 8X in Sanur, behind Sobek Rafting Office, -8.703002,115.256667

♥ Jalan Sekar Waru 11B, -8.706459,115.253448

Bali Sex – Hookers

In the greater region of Denpasar you will find what you are looking for in a south-west coast suburb named Kuta. You get in touch with whores selling their bodies for reasonable prices between 250.000 – 500.000 Rupiah (approx. US$20 – 40). In Kuta go to Legian Street, Poppies Lane 2, Embargo or Paddy’s Club. The Prostitutes will stand right in your way. But forget about f**king a Balinese Woman. There is no Balinese hooker. The prostitutes you will meet are all imports; none of them born on Bali Island. Normally these hookers usually will offer you massage service to get some kind of conversation going.

Bali Escort

Bali Escorts

Last not least in our Bali Sex Guide some remarks on Bali escorts. This kind of service one usually books in advance. Nowadays the internet is our best shot. Just go to backpage or craigslist or any other kind of classifieds web site. Women open give out their phone numbers and photos. Just be aware: Prices can be of disadvantage for your wallet, and you might be disappointed by what you actually get. Pictures in the internet are not telling the whole story.

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